Case study

Gamification tools


What we did

  • We used one of Hawkrose’s social networking games – The Takeover Game – to support a Networking Event during Informa’s “Super Investor” Private Equity conference in Amsterdam.
  • We hosted the networking evening and ensured Private Equity Professionals and Pension Fund managers could engage with each other in a benign way – through playing an enjoyable fun board game which is applicable to their industry.
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What the outcome was

  • Private Equity Professionals and Pension Fund managers were able to network, and build contacts more effectively than simply handing over business cards;
  • The game itself allowed those who aren’t extroverts to make their point and engage in conversation with strangers;
  • This work has led to Hawkrose developing a variety of networking tools to be used by companies such as Informa. For example, the wine tasting game – Around the World in 80 Grapes – was used at an Event in Autumn 2019.

What the ‘recipients’ thought

On average, participants rated the experience of playing the game at a networking event as 4.7 out of 5.

88% of participants claimed that the Takeover Game was a far more effective networking tool than a simple drinks evening.