Case study

ALO Software Tools


What we did

For an International Client we created a fusion strategic choices tool which consisted of a tailored digital programme and physical gamification products.

The tool used genetic algorithms which allowed executives to run multiple business scenarios and test the effectiveness, deliverability and cost of different courses of action.

The physical outputs of the tool were:

  • A scenario “Run report” for each scenario tested, and resultant consequences;
  • A written report summarising why the chosen course of actions were been taken;
  • An infographic richer picture storyboard which documents the agreed transformation plan.
Arrow graphic pointing right

What the outcome was

  • The tool allowed the executive board to see how new investments, or extending or deleting old ones, would affect their workforce, their equipment, training pipeline and their support contracts.
  • The tool was used as an in the room strategic decision support tool – this allowed the organisation to completely re-define their short, medium and long term priorities.

What the ‘recipients’ thought:

“This tool is a must for anyone who needs to prioritise a complex portfolio over the short, medium and long term.”
– Client