Royal Navy – Autonomy Action Learning Output Event

Action Stations, Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, Portsmouth & Explosion Museum of Naval Firepower, Gosport
  • The Autonomy Action Learning Output Event was commissioned by the 2nd Sea Lord, Admiral Hine, and brought together senior members of the Royal Navy, delegates from across the public sector and industry experts to meet the challenge of transforming the Royal Navy to enable autonomous operations.
  • Delegates heard about the challenges faced by the Royal Navy and how private sector organisations would meet similar challenges in the commercial world.
  • Delegates participated in set piece gaming and simulations, focused of strategic transformation of the force structure through to 2035, and the procurement cycle to enable change.
  • The outputs of the event – a series of transformational principles, processes and projects – have now been accepted by the Navy and will be implemented as part of their future Autonomy programme.
  • Evening: Delegates were invited to two evening events as guests of the 2nd Sea Lord at Admiralty House and the Portsmouth Historic Dockyard