Procurement Test Environment

What is the Procurement Test Environment (PTE)?

  • The PTE has been designed to help Programme Teams navigate the HMG’s procurement approvals process. The simulation is partly physical gamification, partly software simulation, covering the key elements of HMG approvals.
  • It allows Project Teams to simulate a two-three year procurement process in two hours.
  • The simulation is underpinned by rules set he HMT Green Book (the 5-case model), HMT Aqua Book, Managing Public Money and the Cabinet Office Controls.

What benefits does the simulation offer?

The PTE has been designed for four purposes:

  • To educate staff about procurement guidance
  • To highlight to teams where their programmes are carrying risk
  • To allow teams to create a resource plan for their programme – based on the risks identified
  • As a stakeholder engagement tool with central government scrutiny – allowing scrutineers to ‘walk a mile in the shoes’ of the programme delivery team

Strategic Choices Tool - Game

What is the Strategic Choices Tool?

  • It’s an interactive, software based, Balance of Investment management tool for individuals and organisations facing difficult programme prioritisation issues.

What benefits does the simulation offer?

  • This compelling software simulation highlights to participants the challenges, constraints and opportunities of portfolio management and balance of investment decision-making in large corporates and Government.