What we do

  • We work closely with your teams to develop a detailed understanding of the challenges you face.
  • We then use our skills and experience to develop tools which support your decision making process.
  • The tools and support we provide are tailored to your requirement.
    One week we could be facilitating an unconstrained policy analysis session for Board members using our digital scenario testing software. The following week we might be assisting a Company’s product launch after designing an interactive gamification session for potential customers.
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We believe our “Action Learning Output” Events are genuine Game Changers in the corporate events industry.

We understand that Corporate Events offer an incredibly efficient mechanism for businesses to meet potential clients;

However, we do not believe the traditional events model where c.400 delegates watch a panel of experts discuss topical issues is particularly effective.

We strongly believe sponsors and delegates should receive far more from sacrificing 2-3 days of their time.

It was from this belief that the Action Learning Output (ALO) concept was created.

The ALO Event concept relies on immersive, digitally enabled products and games. These games not only allow delegates to network in a more informal manner, they also allow delegates to engage proactively in the issues facing their industry.

Our Events always have an “output” and that can be as diverse as:

  • New strategic and operational policies for a sector;
  • A list of transformational Capex projects, with project delivery plans;
  • New regulatory frameworks;
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD) qualifications;
  • New training programmes;
  • New Corporate and Social Responsibility projects;
  • Social change programmes linking the public, private and charity sectors.

ALO in Action

Traditional events bring industry executives together over 2-3 days for purposes of networking. ALO Events take networking to the next level, make it interactive and focussed on sector outputs. ALO Events encourage companies to work together to solve problems – these problems could lead to new projects and investment opportunities for all concerned.

Before the Event

The app

Delegates are invited to download the specifically configured Event App. The App:

  • Creates an exclusive community for the Event;
  • Allows potential suppliers and customers the ability to engage prior to the Event;
  • Provides all necessary background for the Event’s subject matter – through film and written content;
  • Provides a variety of interactive questionnaires and gamification tools to be used during the Event;
  • Is a handy tool to provide all the Event domestic and logistic information for delegates.
  • Is used as a delegate management tool – so delegates can receive individual notifications about their agenda.

Targeted engagement:

At every Event Hawkrose has hosted we offer potential delegates the ability to speak in a targeted manner to potential clients to allow them to understand in detail what sector specific problems exist.

"Ted talks meets the Crystal Maze, all set in an ideas factory which creates investment opportunities. I'm glad I bought the Golden Ticket"

- Partner from Big Four Consultancy