Hawkrose Track Record

Hawkrose has a solid track record of delivering exceptional quality work in demanding timescales to a range of clients.

Genetic Algorithms

At the request of a large Government Department, Hawkrose re-configured its interactive genetic algorithms decision support software to help with a complex Balance of Investment problem. The genetic algorithms allowed the customer to test 1,000s of different future investment and disinvestment scenarios in the room – for example, the most capable investment strategy, or the least expensive minimum viable. Hawkrose were advised this was the first time a dynamic software tool of this sort had ever been constructed and was described by the head of the organisation as “A best athlete product – a tactical with strategic implication”.

Dynamic Modelling

By drawing on a wide variety of diverse information sources spread across a government entity with large landholdings, Hawkrose developed a comprehensive, dynamic analysis tool which allowed senior decision makers the ability to test numerous estates optimisation options to be explored on screen in real time. This enabled very radical options to be explored in a safe space without fear of these being leaked or otherwise compromised.

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Maritime Interactive Event

Hawkrose organised and managed an interactive concept development event for a large maritime organisation. This brought together in small teams senior staff from the organisation and representatives from the maritime sector to explore through a series of exercises and simulations the challenges the organisation faces across it’s £7Bn pa operation and potential innovative solutions and approaches. Hawkrose subsequently produced 21 draft Project Initiation Documents based on the ideas generated, of which 10 were taken forward.

Head Office Review

Hawkrose conducted a review of the size and structure of the head office of a major government department which recommended a radical restructure to around 250 people from the then current c2,800. The radical option proposed significantly influenced the eventual outcome of the organisational change.

Autonomous Shipping

Hawkrose also provides support to Private Sector Clients and is currently working with the major European Shipping Company and a provider of maritime autonomous systems.