Who we are

We are a small group of experienced professionals and software developers who create tailored, interactive tools which can dynamically scenario test business decisions.

This enables our clients – from senior executives to operational project teams – to explore the consequences of their hypothetical choices before they make decisions.

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Our Philosophy

We like to help people solve their problems;

And we can create numerous digital and physical products which support this goal;

We use a rapid prototyping methodology, which means we’ll be able to inform you immediately if we’re able to help.

Our team

The quality of our outputs is underpinned by the skills and experience of our people. Hawkrose employ individuals with different skill sets:


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Concept Generation

Our management team contains Senior Executives with many years of delivering solutions in complex policy environments. 

In the two years since Hawkrose’s inception we have clients in sectors and subjects as diverse as: Finance; Investment Banking; Commercial maritime; Oil, Gas and renewables; Domestic Abuse Awareness; Wellness in the Workforce; HM Government; Defence and Security; and Health and Social Care.

Software development

We employ high-end software developers who are able to create digital products such as Apps, Web-based or desktop based analytical tools.

Product Designers

In less than two years we have created, designed the manufactured over 40 bespoke products such as board games and software-based tools for clients.

Project Managers

Our team of professionally qualified project managers ensure that the work we conduct will meet your requirements, on time and within budget.