Who We Are

Hawkrose is a software technology company that develops and deploys decision support solutions for the UK Public and Private sector.

We adopt a multi-disciplinary team approach to driving insight. Our team includes data scientists, software developers, financial and operational analysts. Crucially, we employ corporate lawyers and domain specialists with board-level experience from both Civil Aviation, Defence and HMT.


The Way We Work

We are output focused – all contracts we sign have clear software and model-based deliverables.

We aim to deliver decision support products for our clients – so they can continue to use these to support their decision-making once the project is finished.

Our Process

Concept Generation

Our team contains Senior Executives with many years’ experience of tackling complex problems in challenging environments, as well as analysts and developers. Hawkrose are therefore able to address the whole issue landscape, including the political, social, and economic context, before recommending what software solution might be used to help drive change.

Software Development

Our software developers and data scientists work together to evaluate complex data sets and then devise digital products to meet the problem statement. These custom products are designed to ensure our clients understand decision trade space – in a timeframe which helps enable change.


Since our inception, Hawkrose has designed, developed and deployed 40 bespoke software applications for clients.


We employ a hybrid agile / scrum methodology for project delivery, and our team of professionally qualified project managers ensure that the work we conduct will meet your requirements, on time and within budget.

Capabilities & Products

  1. We develop custom software algorithms to find high performing options within complex and high dimensional operational contexts.

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  2. Hardening the accountability, traceability and efficiency of legacy processes by liberating and then leveraging the dynamics of operational and organisational systems.

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  3. We deploy Machine Learning algorithms to expose hidden patterns within operational datasets, to scale fast time simulation models and to find high performing options within vast solution spaces.

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  4. We develop and deploy Digital Twins to emulate organisational and system dynamics. Our tools enable decision makers to qualify the impact of process change to strategic level goals.

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