Climate Change & Sustainability

Process Digitisation

Hawkrose has developed an application that digitises the process of tracking the environmental footprint of large military assets.

  • The application enables the audit of environmentally sensitive consumables across an asset portfolio – exposing opportunities for process optimisation and a more sustainable operation.
  • The Hawkrose Climate Change and Sustainability (CCS) application has been delivered to the Royal Navy to conduct near real time monitoring of progress toward the 2050 Carbon Net Zero commitment.
  • Since 2021 Hawkrose has been working with the Royal Navy’s Fleet Operational Sea Training (FOST) organisation to create, develop, then deploy a software tool which captures the ‘Climate Change and Sustainability’ credentials of all the RN’s ships.
  • The work was commissioned as the RN want to change behaviours of crew, while also making genuine progress on their 2050 Carbon Net Zero policy aspiration.
  • The software application has been developed and used to test the CC&S performance of HMS Dauntless in April 2023. Ships which meet a certain threshold will receive a ‘1st Sea Lord CC&S Green Pennant’.

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