Public Sector

Using our multi-disciplinary team, Hawkrose provide public sector organisations with robust, focused data analysis and AI driven software tools to help them make strategic decisions.

Public Sector
Capabilities & Products

Portfolio Balance of Investment

The support Hawkrose provides focuses on:

  1. How does the organisation make effective decisions about resource allocation for its future programme?
  2. How does the organisation most effectively manage their programme portfolio?

We have two AI based applications which help with these issues:

  1. The Hawkrose Strategic Choices Tool enables the key decision makers assess all elements of their portfolio and run multiple ‘what if?’ investment and disinvestment scenarios. The Tool provides a clear, user-friendly output which enables decision-makers to focus in on those options likely to be most beneficial to the organisation.
  2. Hawkrose’s Portfolio Commercial Analysis Tool allows users to review their current portfolio by providing an aggregated, dynamic view of the portfolio’s financial and contractual data. Decision makers in the room can test a range of options through the Tool – e.g. delaying project A, deleting project B – and the Tool will provide an analysis of the financial consequences, including those generated by contractual changes.
Portfolio Balance of Investment (BoI)

Procurement Support

Hawkrose has developed a software application which creates a Level Zero programme plan – complete with Gantt Chart, annual cost forecast, and risk and uncertainty sensitivities. This software application is re-configurable to any complex procurement – and is a prerequisite for any £100m+ Investment covered by the HM Treasury Green Book.

In addition, Hawkrose can deliver ‘wargaming’ which takes new project teams through the HMG acquisition process, enabling them to understand what the process will demand of them and what they need to do to effectively navigate their way through it.

Programme Schedule Optimisation

‘Red Team’ Analysis

The wide experience of the Hawkrose team in the public sector and civil aviation, not just in terms of knowledge and understanding, but also in terms of the tools the company has developed, plus our strong core of data analysts and software developers, provide a very effective source of capacity and capability for the conduct of Red Team analysis.

Operations Modelling

Wider Areas of Application

The experience, talent, and depth of the Hawkrose team also mean that we are, as a company, well-placed to take on a range of other tasks. For example, Hawkrose has arranged inter-active events bringing together small numbers of key players from the public sector and industry to explore specific challenges using wargaming and interactive software tools.

Climate Change & Sustainability Procurement Test Environment (PTE)

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