Programme Schedule Optimisation


Hawkrose has developed a product suite that employs Genetic Algorithms to automatically generate Level 0 Masterplans across high complex, multi-national procurement and build programmes.

  • Our Strategic Choices Tool (SCT) can be configured to optimise a schedule to minimise risk, cost, duration or a hybrid of objectives – once suitably weighted.
  • As with all our Decision Support Tooling, the SCT is configured and deployed so that the underlying models reflect the nuances of business domain.
  • Our experienced professional services consultants and data analysts work with our client to refine the parameters of the optimisation.
  • The SCT Schedule Optimisation is an industry agnostic solution, relying on a highly configurable code base and abstraction of the procurement domain that may be easily tailored to a specific use case.
  • Data driven analysis and the use of Genetic Optimisation to identify schedule improvements which can help deliver the optimum delivery solutions for complex procurement and support programmes.
  • The Capital Programme Strategic Choices Tool (see diagrams) was developed for a client as a “Programme Masterplan” which links programme schedule with forecast cost.
  • It contains a Genetic Algorithm Optimiser and can be reconfigured for any procurement or support use case.
  • Hawkrose has also delivered schedule optimisation tools at international airports using machine learning to model delay curves based only on schedule inputs, providing a baseline model which can be used to understand the impact of proposed changes. 
  • To maximise efficiency, Hawkrose use our core product set and then reconfigure our tools based on the specific domain, industry, and customer requirements. 

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