Procurement Test Environment (PTE)

Advanced Analytics

We have developed a software based process which predicts the likely time, cost and performance outputs for any public sector procurement – the building of a school, a highway, a hospital.

Essentially, customers can simulate a 3 year procurement process in 3 hours. This will allow them to see where project and resource risks lie – and make the requisite adjustments.

  • The PTE has been designed to help Programme Teams navigate the HMG's procurement approvals process. The simulation tool is partly physical gamification, partly software simulation and covers the key elements of HMG approvals process.
  • The PTE allows Project Teams to simulate a two-to-three-year approval process in just under 2 hours.
  • The simulation is underpinned by rules set in the HMT Green Book (the 5-case model), HMT Aqua Book, Managing Public Money, and the Cabinet Office Controls.

The PTE has been designed to achieve the following:

  • To educate staff about latest procurement guidance.
  • To highlight to teams where their programmes are carrying risk.
  • To allow teams to create a resource plan for their programme – based on the risks identified.
  • As a stakeholder engagement tool with central government scrutiny – allowing scrutineers to ‘walk a mile in the shoes’ of the programme delivery team.

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