‘Red Team’ Analysis

Advanced Analytics

We employ a multi-disciplinary team of Subject Matter Experts, Data Analysts and Contract Lawyers to allow us to conduct independent analysis of complex issues for customers. This type of analysis should not take more than 8 weeks.

Hawkrose use the following process to conduct Project ‘Red Team’ Analysis:

Critically examine the requirement

  • Identify scope: Agree scope/boundary for requirement. Clarify and document the link from policy through to delivery.
  • Identify demand: document the historic, current, and future demand signal for the requirement. This should be based on both policy requirements and actual usage metrics. (e.g fuel consumption)

Identify cost drivers

  • Cost of capability: are the cost drivers predominantly people, training, infrastructure or equipment costs?
  • Cost changes: will costs change due to volumetric changes or is most of the cost base fixed? (again, fuel consumption as the example).

Scope risks

  • What is the probability/impact of all different risks?

Identify the constraints

  • Constraints may include security, policy, geography, legal and operational.

Identify and implement

  • DO LESS - reduce requirement
  • DO DIFFERENTLY - different delivery model
  • DO MORE - generating a saving elsewhere
  • DELETE - remove capability

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