Game Changers

Through developing and deploying tailored software, we help organisations solve complex problems in a timescale which affects change.

Capabilities & Products

  1. We develop custom software algorithms to find high performing options within complex and high dimensional operational contexts.

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  2. Hardening the accountability, traceability and efficiency of legacy processes by liberating and then leveraging the dynamics of operational and organisational systems.

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  3. We deploy Machine Learning algorithms to expose hidden patterns within operational datasets, to scale fast time simulation models and to find high performing options within vast solution spaces.

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  4. We develop and deploy Digital Twins to emulate organisational and system dynamics. Our tools enable decision makers to qualify the impact of process change to strategic level goals.

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Hawkrose is a professional services and software company with a proven track record of solving complex problems in the UK Public and Private Sector.

We use a multi-disciplinary team approach, including data scientists, software developers, financial and operational analysts, and corporate lawyers to solve problems. We also employ domain specialists with board-level experience from both the Public and Private Sector.

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