Game Changers.

We help organisations solve complex problems in a time-scale which affects change.

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Our award-winning products and people help organisations:

  • Solve complex strategy problems;
  • Deliver interactive, tailored, workforce training programmes; and,
  • Facilitate digital, immersive events with tangible outputs.

5 Different sectors Hawkrose is currently delivering outputs in (Autonomy, Defence and Security, Sustainability, Physical and Mental Health, Domestic Abuse Awareness).

8 weeks: Average time it takes to create, design and manufacture a Hawkrose product.


90% would attend a Hawkrose event over a standard conference in the future.

Our philosophy and process

We believe interactive engagement between team members, in a safe environment, is crucial to developing solutions to organisational problems.

Our skill is to create that safe environment – it could be software, a gamification tool, a training programme or an event. Critically, anything we develop is bespoke to the problems you want to solve. We focus on ensuring “outputs” we offer deliver genuine organisational change.

Tap the “Define your problem to solve ” button to see how Hawkrose could help your organisation…

Our process

Week 1


Interviews, document reviews, problem identification

Analyse icon

Week 2-6


Product development, 
design and testing

Prototype icon

Week 7-8


Construct final product

Manufacture icon

And then...


Deliver final product

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