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We develop and deploy tailored software applications which directly meet our customers' challenges. This includes AI and machine learning software.

Our four primary product areas are outlined below.


We develop custom software algorithms to find high performing options within complex and high dimensional operational contexts.

Programme Schedule Optimisation

Hawkrose has developed a product suite that employs Genetic Algorithms to automatically generate Level 0 Masterplans across high complex, multi-national procurement and build programmes.

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Portfolio Balance of Investment (BoI)

Hawkrose has developed a Balance of Investment application which allows users to explore the future capability, cost, and deliverability of organisations with large capital portfolios.

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Process Digitisation

Hardening the accountability, traceability and efficiency of legacy processes by liberating and then leveraging the dynamics of operational and organisational systems.

Climate Change & Sustainability

Hawkrose has developed an application that digitises the process of tracking the environmental footprint of large military assets.

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Airport & Air Traffic Network Integration

Hawkrose consultants are experts in operational concepts whose objective is to digitise and integrate the aircraft ground trajectory within the Air Traffic Management (ATM) Network.

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Machine Learning

We deploy Machine Learning algorithms to expose hidden patterns within operational datasets, to scale fast time simulation models and to find high performing options within vast solution spaces.

Operations Modelling

We use Machine Learning and AI techniques to highlight the likely consequences of strategic and tactical level decisions for airport operations – both airside and landside.

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Environmental Emulation

Emulation is a technique used to make concept exploration more productive.

Emulation can be used for extended controlled airspace – highlighting and mitigating the impact on commercial use of airspace.

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Advanced Analytics

We develop and deploy Digital Twins to emulate organisational and system dynamics. Our tools enable decision makers to qualify the impact of process change to strategic level goals.

Process Optimisation

Large infrastructure portfolios – like the running of an airport or a port – usually have multiple efficiency projects underway at any one time. These efficiency projects are often, when taken in isolation, beneficial to future operations. But without examining the projects holistically – and assessing which are best for the outcomes of the portfolio, many projects may be nugatory or counterproductive.

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'Red Team' Analysis

We employ a multi-disciplinary team of Subject Matter Experts, Data Analysts and Contract Lawyers to allow us to conduct independent analysis of complex issues for Customers. This type of analysis should not take more than 8-weeks.

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Procurement Test Environment (PTE)

We have developed a software based process which predicts the likely time, cost and performance outputs for any public sector procurement (the building of a school, a highway, a hospital).

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