Our Approach

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The challenge

Organisations often face two challenges during strategy formulation:

  • To accurately define the issues which need to be addressed to improve performance;
  • To identify solutions and determine which offer the best prospect of success.

The Hypothesis

While an organisation’s executive committee should have the best understanding of the challenges their organisation faces, their very familiarity with the issues can hinder their ability to objectively identify and test the full range of potential solutions.

By our tailored gamification tools and techniques – and our senior management team – we’re able to identify the full range of potential options and assess their likely consequences to support decision-making.

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The solution

Solutions are specifically tailored to a particular problem – there is no ‘one size fits all’. Illustratively, however, the steps involved might include:

Requirements capture

In-depth working sessions with the Hawkrose team to develop a joint understanding of the issues to be addressed;

Proof of Concept

The articulation by Hawkrose of the issues in a way that can be easily understood even by those not familiar with the organisation, and the agreement of this with the client. This can include the creation of a software and hardware package of illustrative tools.


Creation of products – which may be board games, on-line exercises and simulations, apps, or a combination of these – which will facilitate the exhaustive exploration of potential options for addressing the issues identified, with an emphasis on novel or radical approaches which will deliver a step change in performance, but always with an eye on practicality;


Direct support to the use of the tools in support of strategic decision making.

Transformation Support

This could be as simple as maintaining the software product, or might be support to the implementation of the chosen solution.

“Innovative and cutting edge in design and thinking about transformation”

- MOD Transformation Director